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Sit back for a minute.  I want you to think about your childhood memories.  Picture those key elements that made up your childhood as you knew it.  What did you picture?  Did your daydream go something like this?  "My mom, dad, brother, sister, and I are standing at a park that I had never visited. We had to dress up in our nice clothes, and it was so uncomfortable.  Mom kept nagging at me to tuck in my shirt, and stand up straight. 'And don't forget to smile like a big boy. Now say cheese!'"  That wasn't the memory you thought of?  I didn't think so.  I think you remembered playing with your legos or Barbies. Making blanket forts and riding your bike. Waking up on Saturday morning to smell of pancakes and bacon. And rolling out of bed in your footie pajamas and cowlick still in tact. Playing in the sprinkler, blowing bubbles, and playing board games.  Those are the pieces of our childhood that we always take with us! 

Wouldn't it be awesome to have professional photos of those memories so that they stay vivid in your brain? Wouldn't it be fun to show your kids the way your life was when you were growing up?  Well, it may be a little late for you to show your children your childhood, but it's not too late for them!  It's not too late for you to make lasting memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life, that they will take with them as they grow up, and that they will show their kids one day down the road.

Those memories of every day life is what you will get with a Day in the Life session!  When you contact me we will make an appointment for a pre-session consultation to discuss details pertaining specifically to your family. Because this is your life and your family, no two sessions are ever going to be the same. Your family is unique and I will be sure to capture the details that make it so. 

You will have the option of choosing a half day or a full day session.  You can decide the time of day you would prefer. Maybe you want to start with breakfast, moving into getting ready for the day, and then a special activity. Or maybe you want the whole thing, from the time you guys wake up to the time you put the kids to bed. That is totally up to you! 

When I arrive at your house, I will spend some time getting comfortable with everyone. I'll let the kids give me the grand tour of the house, and show me their favorite toys. As everyone starts to settle in and get used to me (and my camera) being there, I will start to fade into the background and let you all do your thing, documenting any exciting moments, and especially those not-so-exciting moments that you'd soon otherwise forget. I very rarely will guide you in any way, though you may hear me try to coax you into better light at times, I try to photograph things just as they are in your home. And don't worry, I will be sure to get a couple of nicely posed, "say cheese" photos of the whole family because there's definitely nothing wrong with having a few of those to cherish as well!

So how about it?  Are you ready to book your Day in the Life session? Send me an email so we can chat!

Still have questions? Well I've tried to answer a few of the typical questions people might have! If you still have concerns, or questions, give me a call or drop me an email!

But Jessie, you haven't seen my house! There is no way I could let someone photograph this place! - First off, I promise you, your house is not nearly as bad as you think it is. Trust me, unless you belong on a episode of "Hoarders" and junk is piled so high it's touching the ceiling, you have no reason to worry! Your house might seem messy, but it's being lived in. Go ahead and straighten up a little, that's no problem, but stop thinking that you can't do this because your house isn't perfect. It IS perfect because it's yours! Your children will grow up one day remembering their childhood house, and you know what, they're not going to remember that you didn't sweep the floor every day.

My family gets up at 6:30am, are you really going to come to "work" that early? - Are you kidding me? Of course I am! I'm in no way a morning person, but I LOVE what I do, and if there's anything that can make me a morning person, this is it! If you wake up 6:30am, then I'm going to be there at 6:30am because this session is about your family, and I am there to document you all every step of the way!

I'm really not into the idea of being photographed looking like I just rolled out of bed. I don't think this is going to work for us. - I totally get it! I do! I would be thinking the exact same thing. I don't want someone seeing this mop on my head when I roll out of bed! So,  if you'd rather not be photographed with bedhead and no makeup, you're in luck! The adults are absolutely allowed to shower and primp beforehand, just make sure you keep those little ones fast asleep until I get there!

How much does this type of session cost and what's included in the package? - Day in the Life  sessions start at $500. I realize that for some people (truthfully most of us), that's a lot of money to come up with all at once. Don't let that stop you from having these memories. I am perfectly happy to work out a payment plan that fits your family's budget.  I require a $150 retainer fee at the time of booking, and the remainder will be due a week before your session. Each package will include all of your best photos edited and delivered digitally via a fully downloadable online gallery, along with a custom designed video slideshow to best share your story with friends and family! (See bottom of page for specific packages). 



*Each package will include all of your best photos edited and delivered digitally via a fully downloadable online gallery, a custom designed storybook album to beautifully display your family's pictures, along with a video slideshow to best share your story with friends and family!*

1/2 Day ($800) - 5 to 6 hours

Full Day ($1200) - full day typically starts when the children wake up and goes until they have gone to bed.


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