you have questions?
I have answers!


But Jessie, you haven't seen my house! There is no way I could let someone photograph this place!  First off, I promise you, your house is not nearly as bad as you think it is. Trust me, unless you belong on a episode of "Hoarders" and junk is piled so high it's touching the ceiling, you have no reason to worry! Your house might seem messy, but it's being lived in. Go ahead and straighten up a little, that's no problem, but stop thinking that you can't do this because your house isn't perfect. It IS perfect because it's yours! Your children will grow up one day remembering their childhood house, and you know what, they're not going to remember that you didn't sweep the floor every day.

My family gets up at 6:30am, are you really going to come to "work" that early?   Are you kidding me? Of course I am! I'm in no way a morning person, but I LOVE what I do, and if there's anything that can make me a morning person, this is it! If you wake up 6:30am, then I'm going to be there at 6:30am because this session is about your family, and I am there to document you all every step of the way!

I'm really not into the idea of being photographed looking like I just rolled out of bed. I don't think this is going to work for us.  I totally get it! I do! I would be thinking the exact same thing. I don't want someone seeing this mop on my head when I roll out of bed! So,  if you'd rather not be photographed with bedhead and no makeup, you're in luck! The adults are absolutely allowed to shower and primp beforehand, just make sure you keep those little ones fast asleep until I get there!


I'm ready to book our Day in the Life!