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Babies are rarely born on their due date. What if my baby comes earlier than the date I have booked?  No worries here. When you book your birth story, I am on-call 24/7 from 37-41 weeks. If your baby decides to say "hello" earlier than 37 weeks, I will definitely still be there unless I have prior engagements. In this case, you will receive credit toward other sessions I offer, including Fresh48.

Sometimes labor lasts for a while before mommy and daddy get to meet their new addition. When will you arrive to start documenting?  You are very right about that. We all hope that labor goes quickly, but you never really know. This is why I ask you to keep me updated from the time you are starting early labor. I typically plan to arrive to your birthing location around the time of active labor, but in some cases will choose to come earlier if we think that your labor process is going to happen more quickly than average.

What happens if active labor continues to take a while? How long will you stay?   The beauty of birth is that no one is the same and it's hard to predict what might happen.  Let's just say it's in my "job description" to tough it out with you.  That's why I'm there.  I may leave the room for a little bit to rest or grab a water or coffee, but once I arrive, I'm there for the long haul. There's no way I'm missing those special moments!

After my baby is born, then what?  After baby arrives, I will continue documenting everything that happens. First snuggles, first bath, even your first moments breastfeeding if you would like.  All of these moments are making history in your lives, and it's important that you don't forget them.  I will stay for up to 2 hours postpartum to be sure I complete your story!

This all sounds great! How much do I need to plan on paying?  Birth stories start at $900. I know for some people that might be a lot to come up with all at once. I am perfectly happy to work out a payment plan with you that best fits your family's budget.  I do require a 25% retainer fee at the time of booking with the remainder paid in full by 36 weeks.

What is included in my package when I book a birth story?  Due to the nature of birth, I can't put an exact number on the amount of photos you will receive. Some women have 2 hours of labor, and some have 10, which in turn means I will be taking a lot more photos the longer I am there. I can ensure you that you will receive as many photos as it takes to completely tell your story from beginning to new beginning. .The majority of your photos will be edited in black and white, with the occasional color thrown in to mix it up.  I feel that by sticking with mainly black and white it creates a timeless style and draws the focus to the subjects of the photo and the emotions being shown.  After your baby has been born, and you are all home and settled in, we will schedule a personalized, in-home Reveal & Order session where we will watch your beautiful story through a slideshow set to music, and I will help decide on any albums or other products you might like to order.

Do you have an example of what my slideshow will look like?  Absolutely! Sharing your birth story via slideshow is one of my favorite methods! I truly feel that being able to just sit back and let the story play out and listening to the music playing in the background really pulls the whole story together. In case you missed it at the beginning, here is an example of little Olive's birth story!