How does a day in the life work?

{Happily providing family pictures for Asheville, Hendersonville, Greenville/Spartanburg & surrounding areas!}
I love to travel all over! No place is out of the question! Contact me for more travel details!


You will have the option of choosing a half day or a full day session.  You can decide the time of day you would prefer. Maybe you want to start with breakfast, moving into getting ready for the day, and then a special activity. Or maybe you want the whole thing, from the time you guys wake up to the time you put the kids to bed. That is totally up to you! 

When I arrive at your house, I will spend some time getting comfortable with everyone. I'll let the kids give me the grand tour of the house, and show me their favorite toys. As everyone starts to settle in and get used to me (and my camera) being there, I will start to fade into the background and let you all do your thing, documenting any exciting moments, and especially those not-so-exciting moments that you'd soon otherwise forget. I very rarely will guide you in any way, though you may hear me try to coax you into better light at times, I try to photograph things just as they are in your home. And don't worry, I will be sure to get a couple of nicely posed, "say cheese" photos of the whole family because there's definitely nothing wrong with having a few of those to cherish as well!

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