Why Birth Photography?

{Happily providing birth stories to Asheville, Hendersonville, Greenville/Spartanburg & surrounding areas!}


So you need a little convincing before you take the leap? That's no problem! Having a birth photographer is a big decision to make, not only financially but emotionally as well. You may not think you'll be up for having yet another person hanging around during this time. There are a few reasons why I feel choosing to have your birth story documented by me is important:

  • It allows your labor team (spouse, doula, or labor coach) to be able to be there for you the entire time. You don't want them worrying about making sure they get the shot. You have them there for one reason, and one reason only, to support you.

  • Leading off of that, it also allows for your support team to be in some of the pictures, which is definitely something you are going to want!

  • I make sure to tell your full story. I'm not just there taking a snapshot now and again, I'm putting my professional knowledge into every picture I create so as to tell your story from beginning to end with all of the beautiful details in between!

  • This birth will only happen once and those memories will, without a doubt, begin to fade. Don't miss your opportunity to preserve them!

  • Your child will cherish these pictures forever! Imagine if you could look back on your own birth story. Wouldn't that be incredible?!

I could continue with probably 10 other reasons, but I figured why do that when I could let some of my clients tell you for themselves!

When I had my first {of 3} daughters, I didn’t even think about having a photographer present. Then, while pregnant with my second, I had the opportunity to have birth photography. After experiencing it the first time, I knew I had to have someone {Jessie} come and take photos of my third delivery as well. It’s true what they say, ‘You’ll forget most everything during labor and delivery.’ Sadly, I don’t have photos from my first daughter’s birth, but I am so happy to have them for my second and third.
Yes it is one of the most painful experiences you will ever have, but it’s one of the most wonderful experiences as well, and I absolutely love looking back on those bittersweet moments captured for us to keep. If you have older children, I especially recommend it. Because the most beautiful photos I have are the ones of my 4 and 2 year olds meeting their brand new baby sister.”
— Joanna {Olive's mommy}

Jessie made it feel so comfortable. It was so nice not having to worry about getting those first moment photos and the finished pictures were so beautiful! They will be cherished forever!
— Kaylan {Cooper's mommy}

There is sooooo much that happens while you’re giving birth, that you neglect to see what is happening around you and miss all the tiny details, like the time! And if you are like me and have a c-section, you don’t get to see that first glimpse of your baby.
There is nothing more meaningful to me than the photos I have of my first look at Lola, or Oma’s first time holding her, or my first time touching her! For the rest of my life I will get to look back at my miracle and see everything that happened that I couldn’t remember, or wasn’t awake to remember. I chose to do a birth story so I could always have those memories!
— Jessica {Lola's mommy}

Having my sons birth photographed was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Even though he was born via C-section and Jessie wasn’t allowed to enter the operating room, she was able to capture his most precious innocent moments the second he was shown through the viewing window and when we came back to our room! I will keep these pictures forever to look back on and remind me of the most important and happiest day of my life!
— Kristen {Raylan's mommy}