what is a day in the life?

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Sit back for a minute.  I want you to think about your childhood memories.  Picture those key elements that made up your childhood as you knew it.  What did you picture?  Did your daydream go something like this? 

"My mom, dad, brother, sister, and I are standing at a park that I had never visited. We had to dress up in our nice clothes, and it was so uncomfortable.  Mom kept nagging at me to tuck in my shirt, and stand up straight. 'And don't forget to smile like a big boy. Now say cheese!'"  That wasn't the memory you thought of?  I didn't think so.  I think you remembered playing with your Legos or Barbies. Making blanket forts and riding your bike. Waking up on Saturday morning to smell of pancakes and bacon. And rolling out of bed in your footie pajamas and cowlick still in tact. Playing in the sprinkler, blowing bubbles, and playing board games.  Those are the pieces of our childhood that we always take with us! 

Wouldn't it be awesome to have had professional photos of those memories so that they stay vivid in your brain? Wouldn't it be fun to show your kids the way your life was when you were growing up?  Well, it may be a little late for you to show your children your childhood, but it's not too late for them!  It's not too late for you to make lasting memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life, that they will take with them as they grow up, and that they will show their kids one day down the road.

Those memories of every day life is what you will get with a Day in the Life session!  When you contact me we will make an appointment for a pre-session consultation to discuss details pertaining specifically to your family. Because this is your life and your family, no two sessions are ever going to be the same. Your family is unique and I will be sure to capture the details that make it so.