What is watch me grow?

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If you are like most parents, you are going to want to document your baby every step of the way, especially during their first year. In just a few short months, your baby will have changed and developed so much, she won't even seem like the same child you brought home from the hospital. Babies learn and grow so much during that first year, and that's why I have set up these Watch Me Grow (WMG) packages.

I know that you will cherish each of these sessions because they will preserve your baby around the time of each of her biggest milestones. From tummy time, to siting up, to crawling and eventually walking. These are special moments you won't want to forget. But those are just the basics. I want to tell the story of your baby at that point in her life. That's why before each of your WMG sessions, I will be sure to speak with you about what's new in your baby's life. Does she have a new toy? Has he picked up a new mannerism? Did she finally find her tongue? These are the parts of your baby's life that set him apart from any other baby. Sure all baby's eventually do these things, but they all do them at different stages, and in different ways. That's what I will document during your WMG sessions.

Don't let these memories slip away just as fast as they were created. Head on over to the pricing page to choose which package best fits your needs and budget!