gender reveal party

Asheville, NC Birth, Newborn & Family Photographer | A Photographer's Story: 2015 in Review

2015 was an amazing year for Jessie Fultz Photography! I had so many opportunities come my way and through those opportunities I learned so much!  Last week I decided it would be fun to write this little blog post looking back on this past year.  I thought "I'll probably have 30-40 sessions to choose images from. No biggie."  Well as you'll see,  greatly underestimated how busy I was last year! Which is why this post is being published a few days after New Year's Day as initially intended.

In 2015, I was extremely blessed.  I shot:

  • 43 Short Stories
  • 5 Day in the Life stories
  • 5 Fresh48 stories
  • 4 Pregnancy announcements
  • 4 Birth Stories
  • 3 Gender Reveals
  • 3 Weddings
  • 2 Birthday parties
  • 1 Adoption Story
  • 1 NICU session as a volunteer for The Tiny Footprints Project
  • 1 Fundraiser event; The Walk for Midwives
  • 1 Headshot session
  • 1 On-going pregnancy project

A grand total of 74 stories told with my camera! Included in those 74 stories was one trip to New York City which was absolutely incredible! Two trips to Florida, always fun!  One trip to Tennessee and one trip to Charlotte!  I love being able to travel while working and I'm so hoping that I'll get to visit some new places this year!

Take a minute to scroll through some of my favorite images from all of the stories I've been so lucky to tell this past year! It really was so hard to just choose one from each and some of them I wasn't able to do it!

The success and excitement that was 2015 would never have been possible without the support and love of all of you! I am so beyond grateful for every single one of my clients and followers!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Here's to making 2016 just as amazing as last year!